That’s absolutely fine. You will be offered training and technical support so that you are competent in using one if required.

You can run your business full- or part-time and what you invest in both time and money depends on the business you choose. But in any business model or market, you must commit to success. It’s your choice and your level of comfort to attain. An important factor in any business is time spent – it must be spent as wisely as the money you invest.
All traditional small businesses require capital investment for leases, rent, insurances and office/shop fit-out. However, the home-based business models generally require considerably less capital as you are based from a home office or out on the road. With today’s computer technology your office location is less and less important to your customers.

All businesses , traditional and home-based, are a risk. The secret is to limit both risk and exposure to losses.

We have a diverse range to review so you have the choice.
Some examples: telecommunication services, power utility services, health and well-being, online trading, consumer products, multimedia services, housing rental businesses …

Generally within 24 hours of requesting our help.

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